No time for that!

This post will be dedicated to schedules and ways we manage our time as a student athlete. If you haven’t already heard, time management in college is very important whether you are an athlete or not. There is no one there to tell you “do your work”, therefore it is your responsibility to stay accountable for yourself. Trust us it is¬†easier said then done, we both still struggle with this and are working on it! ūüôā

As a lacrosse player (Alexa) our season is in the spring. Therefore all of our workouts and practices are in the mornings. When season comes around our schedule flip flops and we practice later in the day. Having practice in the morning is convenient at times and inconvenient at others. In the fall the alarm clock is my best friend. I am not a morning person so this aspect is very hard for me! I love my sleep and getting out of bed is the last thing I want to do when my alarm goes oimagesff at 6 am. This is where flexibility comes in. Being a college athlete you have to be flexible and adjust to things you are not used to.

Because of our morning workouts, we as a team, schedule our classes in the afternoon. So after our workouts/ practice we shower (if we have time.. don’t judge!) and head to class. This is where the caffeine comes in. For me it is hard to concentrate if I transition fast from practice¬†to class¬†and I usually need a little energy boost (coffee or some food) to help me focus. After class I go home and either run some errands (grocery shop) or relax for a little before I start to make myself dinner. Sometimes in the evening I have plans, but my favorite days are the days I get to go home and “veg out”. Also like every other college student, we get homework which also takes up a good chunk of our night. So pretty much there is not much time to be social. If I want to do something fun or go out to dinner that is something I usually have to plan days in advance.


ALEXA’S daily¬†Lacrosse ROUTINE:

Monday-Friday: 7:45-9am – lift and condition

Tuesdays: 9:30- 10:30 small groups ( 3-4 girls practice w/ the coaches)

Weekends: usually free or have community service events but have three (on your own) 25 minute runs

Growing up as a competitive dancer (Kelsey), I have always been used to having a hectic schedule. I’m extremely lucky¬†to have amazing, supportive parents who did everything they could to help me out whenever I needed. Like any high schooler, I was used to having my parents make me food when I got home from practice late and wash my uniforms last minute when I needed them the next day. So coming to college and not having their¬†constant help was a definite change.

Dance Team basically has a never ending season. Once we start in July we don’t have a significant amount of time off again until the school year is over in May. During fall semester, our main focus is performing at football games and also starting our routines for competition. Spring semester is the peak of competition season along with basketball season. An average week for a dance team member consists of struggling to wake up for class everyday after a late practice the night before. We practice during the week from 8pm to 11pm and Sundays from¬†5pm to 9pm. So while we usually have the whole day to go to class, do homework, run errands, and do whatever we need to do to get our lives together before practice, it is always stressful to prioritize and get everything done. Besides being at all football and basketball games, we almost always also have at minimum¬†three other events or appearances during the week. This can consist of walking through campus with the band to promote this week’s game, performing and working at community¬†events, and even just posing for pictures. Sometimes it takes us longer to get ready for an event than the time we are actually there! Any place that needs Aztec spirit and entertainment, we are there.

Dance Team performing on campus welcoming students back during the first week of school.
Dance Team performing on campus welcoming students back during the first week of school.

Once competition season gets started, our schedule gets even crazier, sometimes with extra or longer practices. We have to make sure we are prepared for every event, performance, game, and competition; all while acting like we have it all under control, when most of the time we don’t! We always say you have to fake it ’til you make it.

Sometimes I look at my schedule for the week and get stressed and overwhelmed. I have to prioritize on assignments and make sure I plan a specific time to get everything done. I always try to squeeze in some time where I can relax or have some fun with friends. I have friends who look at my calendar¬†and wonder how I get everything done. While it can be super stressful at times, I wouldn’t change it for anything!¬†Working under pressure makes me more productive because I know I have no time to procrastinate.

Dance Team practicing for their performances at the first Football Game.
Dance Team practicing for their performances at the first Football Game.

Check back soon for an update on how we stay healthy and eat right as college athletes!



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