Our Support Systems

This post is going to focus on all of the outside support we have gotten to get to the points in our careers we are at today. Obviously, a lot of our success has come from our own hard work and dedication, but we couldn’t have done it without the support of our family and coaches!

Like most young girls, my mom (Kelsey) signed me up for a dance class when I was about three years old. I was extremely shy as a child, so my mom was open to getting me involved in activities so I could meet some friends and break out of my shell. It definitely helped and from then on out, I was the one begging my mom to let me take more classes! A lot of people assume if you’re a dancer that your mom is a “dance mom”. My mom couldn’t be more opposite! While she is at every one of my competitions and performances, I was always the one asking to do more and become more serious about dance. I started dancing at a studio near my house up until I was about seven, and then convinced my parents to let me switch to a studio about thirty minutes away that some of my friends went to and was way more intense. This was the studio that really shaped me as a dancer, so I’m so thankful my parents supported me and took me to and from practices everyday and to all my competitions and performances. Also, dance is really expensive…from studio tuition costs, to competition fees, to costumes and shoes, to travel expenses, the list goes on. I obviously couldn’t have done any of it without my parents’ help and I know it hasn’t always been easy. They always do everything they can to help me follow my dreams and I can’t thank them enough!

Kelsey with her parents.
Kelsey with her parents at an SDSU Football Game.

Another huge supporter of my dance career was my coach, Amber O’Brien. Amber started teaching me my freshman year of high school when I switched studios. Having her as one of my coaches really shaped me into the dancer I am today. She worked with me privately and pushed me to my fullest potential which I think is the reason I made the Dance Team here at San Diego State. Amber basically became like a big sister to me and it was so sad when I graduated and she was no longer my coach. But we still talk all the time and she gives me the best advice for dance and for life!

Kelsey and her former coach Amber.
Kelsey and her former coach Amber.

As well as Kelsey my (Alexa) mom played a huge part in my decision to pursue a college sport. Growing up I was always doing some type of sport. I was the the girl in elementary school that was always playing with the boys. Although I had a girly side my mom always pushed me to be involved in sports. Once I decided I wanted to pursue lacrosse, she was my #1 fan. In 8th grade my mom pushed me to join a club lacrosse team since our high school team was not too competitive, and if I wanted to play in college I needed to be seen by college coaches. I was very nervous trying out for this club team but luckily I had a couple friends on the team so it wasn’t too bad. I can not thank my mom enough for pushing me because without her I wouldn’t be where I am today. She drove me to all of my tournaments up and down the east coast and was always supporting me no matter what. Once I decided I wanted to play in college she was very open to many different opportunities and supported my decisions. When it came time to visit schools she  always came on my trips and encouraged me to do things and talk to coaches even if I was nervous. Like I said in an earlier post I am from New Jersey so a school in California is HUGE! Being so close with my mom this decision was definitely difficult but she pushed me to go where I wanted and where I would fit best and I chose SDSU and definitely do not regret it! She is actually coming out to visit me in November and I can not wait 🙂

Alexa and her  mom  after one of her games.


If you do not have a strong support system my advice to you is GO for it. If you want something bad enough you need to fight for it.Create a support system with the loved ones around you. If you know you want to play a sport in college do everything you are capable of doing to pursue your dream. Work hard train hard and get yourself noticed. You are your own personal advocate, sell yourself and make the coaches know how badly you are willing to fight and work for your goal. 

Here is a book that we found that came in handy as a competitive college athlete. And may help you become the best team player you can be.





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