In the Future/ Wrap up

This post is going to be about our plans after we graduate college and are finished playing/ competing at the college level.We will also wrap up our blog as well:(


I (Alexa) do not graduate until next December, but this upcoming spring will be my last season playing Lacrosse.It is a bitter sweet feeling. My love for competition and lacrosse will last forever, but this high level of play will soon come to an end unfortunately. Although Lacrosse is very tough mentally and physically I am going to miss the competition and hard work. On the other hand it will be refreshing to come back to school in the fall and not have to wake up at 6 am every morning to work out.

Boston, Massachusetts

Once I graduate I plan on going to nursing school in Boston. Not sure which school yet, but I am working on that! I have heard many great things about Boston as a city and am excited to embark on a new journey.

My Cousin Maddie lives in Boston now and I plan on moving in with her for about two years. After I complete nursing school I would love to become a traveling nurse and travel the world 🙂 Why not travel and work at the same time right? If I could choose I would love to become a nurse abroad and travel through Europe. That is my dream.

Once I graduate (Kelsey) I am going to pursue a career as a sports broadcaster. Being in dance all of my life and going to many different events I find great interest for other sports as well as my own. If  had to choose which sport I would want to broadcast I would definitely say it is a close call between basketball and football. All of my college career I have been dancing at their games and have become very familiar with both sports and have really grown to love them. Like I mentioned in my earlier post growing up I used to go to my twin brothers sporting events all of the time so I have been a customer to both of them sports for a while now. It would be my dream to become a well known woman broadcaster in the 21st century.


Kristen Ledlow, a well known Fox Sports reporter




cropped-sdsu_aztecs_logotype_color_variants.gifWe just wanted to say thank you for reading & hope you enjoyed our college athlete blog! Hopefully you could take something away from one or more of our posts!

Managing both school and sports can be difficult so hopefully some of our advice and tips can help 🙂 If you have any questions or needs more advice feel free to comment throughout the blog:)


xx A&K